Ass By Jess is a comprehensive fitness plan designed to help you burn fat while building target muscles at the same time through progressive 6 week workout phases. You will learn proper form from detailed in-app video demonstrations, exercise descriptions, and example photos to help you progress each week on your fitness routine. You will consistently break through mental and physical challenges and build confidence in your mind and body. Ass By Jess workouts are designed to encourage women at any level to build better habits and strive to reach new levels. Weekly accountability conversations and an active support community will push you to continuously change and grow in your fitness challenges. Now is your time to feel sexy, fit, strong, and beautiful.



About Jess

Jess has always loved helping others. She realized this passion early on when she became a swim instructor. Seeing each face light up as they reached new milestones and progressed in ability made teaching so worth it. When Jess succeeded in her own personal goals for fitness she quickly realized that this was the industry she was born to be in and decided to work for her personal training certification.

Jess has worked with a wide variety of clientele. She has trained with high school athletes, clients in rehabilitation, and men and women looking to lose weight and build muscle. She loves to see someone walk in with a starting goal and walk out feeling stronger and more confident than ever before. Her goal is to help her clients see that they really can transform themselves physically and mentally through strength, endurance, and intense functional exercises.


Contact me for a complimentary consultation to go over each program and to get started on a 30 minute virtual training session.

Package 1

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  • Starter Program
  • Weekly virtual sessions, Live facebook workout, and check-in for nutrition
  • Build habits, start a fitness routine, see results in 4 weeks

Package 2

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  • 6 week program
  • Once a week accountability phone call for 30 minutes: Check in for nutrition and workout support
  • Private facebook forum with support from myself and the community

Package 3

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  • 6 week program
  • One in-person/virtual session a week: nutrition guidance and workout session
  • Private facebook forum with support from myself and the community

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