Fitness Box

New Year New You Fitness Box 


Your one stop shop for your fitness goals! Every 3 months you will get new and fun fitness surprises that will help you with your fitness journey. The box will have amazing goodies that will give you confidence, feel beautiful, sexy, and strong. Be part of the 2018 box through Ass By Jess Fitness.

What will you get in your box:

*4 week workouts that will consist of a different workout each day through an app. 

*Nutrition products and samples to help you with your meal planning, and give you the tools you need to see STRONG results. 

*Fitness apparel 

*Fitness equipment

*Other fun surprises to make you feel confident, sexy, and strong!

How this works:

*Fill out the information below to sign up and pay for your box.

*Boxes will be available January through March. Can take up to 7 days to ship out.

*Every 3 months there will be new workouts, new products, and new tools to keep you progressing and growing towards your fitness goal.

*Only $60.00 for $120.00 value.