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“I started Ass By Jess in the Summer of 2015, and over the last 9 months I have not only gained muscle and lost fat, but more importantly, I gained confidence in myself. I am able to do things I never thought I would do at the gym and in my daily life. Because of my great results, I am more dedicated and focused on my fitness and eating than ever so that I can continue to progress. Her program is designed to build lean muscle and sexy curves and it definitely delivers! The support and encouragement along the way has kept me on track to meet and even exceed my goals. Jessica is a great coach, who listens to your goals and needs and tailors each program to help you succeed. She recently started classes which are engaging and so much fun! The ABJ community is growing every day and it is amazing to be a part of such a supportive community.”

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“Jess and I have been working out together for almost a year. In the past, I’ve struggled to stay committed to a workout plan because of lack of results and boredom. My workouts with Jess are always fun, high-energy, and challenging! I leave sessions feeling strong and energized. I’ve lost inches everywhere (EXCEPT the booty!), lost fat, built muscle, and gained the confidence and knowledge to pursue a healthy lifestyle inside and outside the gym.”

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“Ass by Jess really changed the way I think about my workouts and the challenges in my exercises. I have seen amazing results since I’ve started. My butt is perky and grown, I’m stronger, I’ve leaned up and I now have abs.”

“I have gone years of trying the same type of workouts and diets with yo-yo results. I finally had enough and decided to listen to my good friend and try something different. Weight training and forming good habits. I’ve never done weight training (not like this before) and I’m so happy with my results. I’m seeing my body shape shift. I actually haven’t lost any weight, but my body has been changing for the better. I still have a lot more progress to make, but I’m really happy with the results so far and motivated to keep getting after it!”

“Training with Jess has done a lot for my personal growth. I have lost over twenty pounds and gained a significant amount of muscle during the ten months we have worked together. I have become a stronger person both physically and emotionally.

Jess taught me how to change my eating habits for life, not just a quick fix. As a trainer, she is relatable and knows that her clients live busy lives, so she makes sure her program fits with each client’s lifestyle. Whether it’s advice on how to squeeze in a quick workout, or simply talking about ways to get back on track after a weekend of fun, Jess is there every step of the way.

The reason I have been successful over the past ten months is because I have never felt deprived or overwhelmed while on Jessica’s program. The two biggest things Jess has taught me are quite simple: 1- Keep your body moving 2- hold yourself accountable. Being twenty pounds lighter (and counting) is great for my confidence, but not only that, now I know that I am living a healthier and happier life.”